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Mindfully Wild Womens Weekend

The horses are ready, the humans are ready. 

This is where Horse & Human meet in sacred union. Horses are conduits that guide us in reawakening our inherent spirit, wisdom and connection to all. Experience first hand the truly profound impact Horses can have on our own healing, self realization, and personal & spiritual growth. We will allow the Horses to guide us and empower us to move beyond societal conditioning to evolve and realize the innate gifts and purpose we all hold within us. 



  • Sleeping under the stars at the forest campground located on the ranch. 

  • Earthing and grounding practices 

  • Being immersed in nature from the horse's perspective 

  • Guided movement and meditations surrounded by earth, sky, trees and horses 

Wild Icelandic Horses


  • Horse Connection Experiences

  • Soul-led, Horse-Centered Horsemanship Practices

  • Group Horse Medicine Sessions

  • Riding as Ritual:  Guided Bareback Connection with the Horses or Companion Walk through the woods

Yoga Instructor

Re - Wilding 

  • Somatic Embodiment Practices

  • Fire Circle 

  • Nourishing Meals

  • Connection With Fellow Like-Minded Women

  •  Empowerment activities to inspire reclaiming your intuitive authentic self 

No Horse Experience Required 

650 PP 

Bring your tent, camper and sleeping gear. 

We provide everything else 

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