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Big Changes (but not in the "pandemic way")

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August is flying by … as it always does. I feel the summer vibes slipping away but this transition from summer to fall is my favourite. I’m not quite ready to talk about fall yet but I will talk about transitions in this blog.

As I write this my life is changing dramatically and rapidly. Not in the pandemic way (I now refer to uncertainty, rapid uncomfortable change, pivoting and tumultuous life overhaul as “the pandemic way'')

This change is one that feels so great in my whole body, mind and spirit.

Since 2009 I have been in the fitness industry in Toronto as a one to one trainer and muscle specialist. I competed in bodybuilding competitions, taught a cadaver anatomy course and helped as many people as I could with strength building and healthy living. This led to becoming a yoga instructor and meditation facilitator and deeply exploring stress management. In December 2020 I left the city with all my clients on zoom and moved to a farm.

I didn’t know what I was going to do, how long this zoom fitness thing would last or what the future held. But as it does, the universe brought me exactly where I needed to be.

In the interest of not making this toooo long here is the synopsis…. I reconnected with a love and intrigue of horses. I found my “people" in this amazing community here on Georgian Bay ( you all know who you are you amazing humans you!)

I landed at a farm called Serenity Rising. With the help and support of my new farm family, I started leading retreats that bring women out in nature and close to the horses. I started instructing yoga on the farm with the animals and recently bought a horse of my very own to help me pursue a career in equine therapy going forward. OH … and then there was that few months in Costa Rica. There I met more of “my people” and have been brought on to help with horse healing retreats on a women run ranch with another herd of 11 horses. (Yes you can come and you can find out more about that here)

As I read this over, even as I am experiencing this new life, it sounds like a fairly tale. I wanted to write about it to inspire anyone who is feeling stagnant or stuck.

Nothing is ever easy! I don’t have any money left after all this, I don’t know how I ended up with a partner who is supportive of my free spirit (so many are held back by others in their lives or feel too guilty to put themselves first) and I do not know what the future holds for me as an equine therapist, retreat facilitator, horse owner, and whatever else. But I trust my intuition, I ask for the support and help I need and always put myself and my happiness first. I work on not feeling guilty about it and work to relieve myself of any guilt that I have for being unconventional. It’s okay to make things happen for you.

I hope you go into the next season with inspiration, trust and love. You deserve a magical life, whatever that looks like for you. For me it's being surrounded by horses both here on Georgian Bay and in Costa Rica (3 months out of the year)

Many of you come out to the retreats and events here at the farm and ask me my story. I don’t always have the time to tell it so there’s a little bit of it. If you need inspiration or help putting yourself first, e-mail me. I've become somewhat of an expert.

Much of the changes I’ve made recently seem to be spearheaded by my 9 year old self who longed for a pony of her own, to swim in the ocean and be a magical fairy. I know she would be proud of me now and that is a deeply satisfying feeling.

The next Women's Horse Empowerment event is open for registration details are here. You can come and experience some of this magic with me!

Registration and details for Yoga and Pilates on the farm is here

And you can e mail me anytime if you have any questions or need some inspiration. I love hearing from you all! I am very grateful for your support, your time and your beautiful light in this world!

Subscribe to my site for free here and receive monthly newsletters with meditations and yoga classes (free for subscribers only) and keep up to date on all the magical happenings on the farm!

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