Thank Your Body!

Updated: Jun 28

What if you were grateful for your body? What if you felt truly thankful instead of shaming, blaming or hating your body...try thanking your body for everything you can do with it instead of focusing on what you look like.

I’ve struggled with body image for what seems like a lifetime - attaching my worth to what I look like. ⁣

I’ve learned that being your smallest and leanest is not what's going to make you happy or satisfied. At my leanest, I was constantly tired and consumed by things that didn’t really matter.

It took mental and physical illness to show me how much of my worth I had placed on how I looked. My whole perspective has shifted and now I see my body as an incredible working partner.

The fitness and health industry profits off your insecurities. How you treat your body often stems from what's going on inside you. Mind, body and soul depend on one another.