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What Kind of Yoga do You Teach ?

I get asked all the time what kind of Yoga I teach, whether it's a new employer, someone I am collaborating with or potential students. Fair question but I have a hard time answering in a brief and concise way. This blog is my attempt to work on my elevator speech because teaching yoga is more to me than just a 'style' such as Hatha, Vinyasa ect. So here goes let me know what you think.

I don't yet view myself as a 'teacher'. I am still in the realm of an instructor or a guide. I certainly don't have enough knowledge or experience yet to truly teach yoga. But as a guide I aim to help you experience yoga as a means to connect.

Yoga means to yolk, to unite, to bring together. I want everyone that comes to practice with me to feel deeply connected as we move through postures, breathe and mediate together. Mainly connecting to energy. In practice I hope to help people see that yoga is not just a fitness class or a stretching class but a chance to connect and stay connected to your energy, authenticity, purpose, clarity, land, animals, life force, essence, spirituality, self, others, joy and most importantly love.

"You are a divine being in a human experience." I first heard this statement when I was going through my yoga teacher training, and it has stuck with me and become a mantra.

The definition of divine is something like "of God or like a god". If God is not for you, maybe its spirit or soul or as I mentioned 'energy'. I read a variation on the traditional definition (an excerpt from Divine Spirituality by Osiris Akkebla - an author and book that I have not read just a quote that came up online) It reads "a state of consciousness that is very serene, profound, insightful, inspiring, the mind is lucid and is with much wisdom" I have adopted that as a further description of divine and that is what I hope that everyone feels when we come to practice together.

A connection to serenity, a recognition of how profound, insightful and inspiring we are. That is what I see when I am guiding a yoga practice. I see you on that mat and you are more than what society asks of you. You are more than the daily tasks, the roles and all of the 'things you do'. You are a divine being in a human experience. Yoga practice can connect you to your light; that insightful, profound, wise and warm soul.

Many of you know that I guide a lot of practices outdoors with animals and have been part of my equine yoga experiences. I also guide Yogic sleep practices and I believe it is for everyone regardless of the style. I love to lead a beautiful flow, a supportive restorative class or an invigorating breathwork session but whatever you want to call it and in whatever style, Yoga helps unite us with all beings and teaches us to honour and love this whole wild universe.

Well, there goes the elevator speech out the window again. I will keep working on it. Mainly, don't let yoga just be another athletic wear promotion, a fitness class or a place to feel intimidated. It is for you to connect.

With love and light


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