What Kind of Yoga do You Teach ?

I get asked all the time what kind of Yoga I teach, whether it's a new employer, someone I am collaborating with or potential students. Fair question but I have a hard time answering in a brief and concise way. This blog is my attempt to work on my elevator speech because teaching yoga is more to me than just a 'style' such as Hatha, Vinyasa ect. So here goes let me know what you think.

I don't yet view myself as a 'teacher'. I am still in the realm of an instructor or a guide. I certainly don't have enough knowledge or experience yet to truly teach yoga. But as a guide I aim to help you experience yoga as a means to connect.

Yoga means to yolk, to unite, to bring together. I want everyone that comes to practice with me to feel deeply connected as we move through postures, breathe and mediate together. Mainly connecting to energy. In practice I hope to help people see that yoga is not just a fitness class or a stretching class but a chance to connect and stay connected to your energy, authenticity, purpose, clarity, land, animals, life force, essence, spirituality, self, others, joy and most importantly love.

"You are a divine being in a human experience." I first heard this statement when I was going through my yoga teacher training, and it has stuck with me and become a mantra.