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Winter 2023

Healing With Horses

In Costa Rica 

This adventure brings you the healing magic of horses, a deeper connection to nature than you’ve ever felt and the greatest opportunity to truly  love and empower yourself. 

It's time you did something wild. Discover Horse Spirit Healing.

This horse and human sanctuary is located at Resonance Ranch.  A beautiful slice of heaven on earth next to Cabo Blanco National Park on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.  This land is one of the 5 Blue Zones in the world. 


Here we enjoy total immersion in nature. From the sea, to the rivers to the ancient trees with a herd of healing horses to guide us on a life changing journey. 


Somewhere inside all of us is a deep intrigue about these special beings that we call horses. Even if you have never been close to one there is no denying their magic. 


This adventure brings you the healing magic of horses, a deeper connection to nature than you’ve ever felt and the greatest opportunity to truly love and empower yourself. 


You do not need any horse experience, only a desire to invite light into your soul through daily movement, nourishing food and Costa Rican adventures. Open your heart to the magic of horses.

Costa Rica

Healing With Horses Details


Custom Dates Available Jan - May 2023

5 or 7 night experiences to deepen your connection with nature and self.  Open your heart and receive the unconditional love of horses. 


An immersive self-love and empowerment journey. With horses.  Learn how horses heal and love us through unique bonding and therapeutic experiences. Develop the deep connection with horses that allows for incredible adventures with  such as swimming in the rivers and sea or riding bareback on this beautiful land. Explore a healthy and authentic version of yourself through daily movement and nutritious food. 


Resonance Ranch, a magical horse and human sanctuary by the sea in Cabuya, Costa Rica.


YOU, your human guides Lettita, Rio and Pamela, the herd of loving 11 healing horses and a community of 8 like minded people on their own journey supporting and loving one another. 


Because you’re worthy of  your own love and an adventure-filled experience of a lifetime!!

Cost ?

 Experiences range from $1100 - $3500 - there are various retreat focuses, experiences and inclusions. 

What's included?

option for 5 or 7 night accommodations in one of our casitas 
Horse Meditations, meaningful connection with the herd and horse adventures 

Nourishing meals to promote health and vitality 
Excursions and activities to challenge the mind and body 
Yoga and intuitive movement with horses 
An immersive, expansive, and extraordinary empowerment experience of a lifetime

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 Resonance Ranch: a horse and human sanctuary 

Feel into nature and wildlife on a rustic 'old country" farm, where tropical jungle and sea meet pasture.

Cabuya is a quaint fishing village of yesteryear with pure warm waterfalls, monkeys and wildlife galore and home to Resonance Ranch. 


The 200 acre Ranch overflows with wildlife, massive ancient trees, mountain top jungle and grassland pastures. Conveniently located within walking distance of several restaurants, the village store, an animal sanctuary, two rivers that flow to the sea, Cabo Blanco National Park and the Cemetario Island.


Starting Winter 2023

Reach out  and lets create something special for you or your group. 


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