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Download Google Play Store for Huawei without Rooting or Unlocking

Recently, I bought a Huawei P9 Lite from China. When I came back to my country. I tried installing apps like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, and Twitter. Snapchat failed to install and gave an error that this app requires google play services to run. To solve this error. I had to install Google Play Services on my phone. After that, I was able to download and install every app present there, and all apps started working correctly.

Moreover, the following are the Google play store and Google play services APKs that I downloaded on my Huawei Honor 6X. So I can confirm the following version works on Chinese variants.

download google play store for huawei


I hope this guide on how to install and download Google play services worked out for you. Suppose you have any questions or queries regarding anything mentioned above. You can comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Huawei phones that are made for Chinese people have no change in specs and features. It only has Chinese language firmware, and the google play store is not present.

During the installation process, Googlefier will first replace your existing backup app and restore LZPlay, which is the GMS installation app/method that was widely circulated after the launch of the Mate 30. Once that's done, Googlefier will install basic services on your device. For this, you'll need to follow the instructions displayed on the screen. After you complete all five steps, you'll then be able to install the Google Play Store and other Google apps on your device and then log into your Google account. The entire process takes about 5-7 minutes and if you follow the instructions correctly, you shouldn't get any errors.

Aptoide is an independent open source and a community-driven Android app store. This app lets users discover and download up to 700,000 apps. More than being a Play Store alternative, Aptoide has some extra creative features on its own. Users can make and manage their own stores. They can also upload their own apps and discover new content and even follow some recommendations from the community. Upon creating and managing your own store, you can choose the logo, name, and theme color for it.

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Aptoide is capable of doing several things within the app store itself. Aptoide offers apps that are not available in other Android marketplaces. You can download them in private if you do not want the hassle of signing up. Relatively, apps can be downgraded to their previous versions.

F-Droid contains and provides only open and free source software. Unlike the others, F-Droid is not from big and known app companies. An organization with volunteers and donations is the backbone of this app store. Users are not allowed to give reviews and ratings to downloaded videos. With this Play Store alternative, the apps are certainly free to access. If you come across an app and you want to learn its functionality, all you have to do is access the code and copy it. From then, you can download and enjoy the app for free.

More than a Play Store alternative, GetJar is a catalog of mobile applications. This store lets you download games and other apps to your smartphone. It may not have access to the same apps as the Play Store, but it has features that make it a great option. There are category filters such as Social and Messaging. Some others are Games, Music, and Entertainment. Subcategories have sections like Photos, Finance, Productivity, and others. Moreover, there are also divisions for Books, Magazines, Videos, and Movies. GetJar neither charges any fee distribution from users nor controls any in-app monetization. Thus, the app developers are in full control of their assets and can upload apps free of charge.

Uptodown is a Play Store alternative designed for Android but is also available on iOS and Windows. It is like a mirror of the Play Store, although the number of apps is not as much as it only amounts to roughly 30,000. Worry not, because these apps are malware-free, thanks to the built-in scanner of the store. Some installation packages are free to download from the website, but it is recommended that you install the app first.

No matter what the mobile operating systems you have on your phone, there are some downsides with using a third-part app store. Sure, using a play store alternative for your smartphone has its benefits but there are also risks to it. One of the most important concerns is the privacy safety of these play store alternatives. There is a probability of malware detection and a high risk of piracy. The biggest disadvantage of these third-party apps is the low level of protection. Your favorite apps are prone to malware and high-jacking activities. Moreover, most of these apps have no restrictions. Meaning, the operating system owner is not in control of anything. In some cases, some third-party apps bait their users by offering random and popular apps. They offer apps at a cheap price and will subsequently put your privacy at risk. When purchasing apps, you are required to type in sensitive information. Once the store has extracted info, it is where and how the risk comes in.

In a normal way, you download apps from the store by simply typing them into the search function. After choosing an app, you have to type your account and password and the download process starts. But if you are downloading from third-party app stores, you must be extra careful. When you install apps from them, you are automatically bypassing certain security measures. This gives hackers easy access to infect and infiltrate your device.

Had installed the GBox on Huawei mate 40 pro, but the Google Play Store icon not found inside the GBox, only can open through the web, then Google play store will show up. Any solution to add the shortcut back?

Gbox is a totally unnecessary and useless app that requires way too much extra steps even though they claim to make it easier to use. This app is completely unnecessary due to the fact that on other devices one can simply download their apps/games via Google play store.

But users of existing Huawei devices who have access to the Google Play Store will still be able to download app updates provided by Google. Apps such as Gmail are updated through the store, unlike operating system updates which are typically handled by phone manufacturers and telecoms carriers, which the blacklist could affect, the source said.

help please because i try all these options above but nothing work for me.i have a huawei y7 that i use the problem is i have bypass frp on my huawei y7 and reset it now it wont sign me into my google say sorry something went wrong try again and i also cant create a new google account on my device. help me please.

It works for me with the first option. Yes i have an multiple account on my google play store. And the one i have use is the account without whatsapp before. After i switch to the account and enter new credentials with, i can download and updates the whatsapp.

Is the Google Play Store not working? Maybe the Android app store keeps stopping? Your phone can't download apps or games from the Play Store? Many Android users have experienced problems installing or updating applications on their smartphones, and we listed in this guide the solutions to the most common problems on the Play Store.

.photo-feature-table tr:nth-child(odd) background-color: #fff !important; .photo-feature-table tr:nth-child(even) background-color: #fff !important; If you have deleted the Google Play Store by mistake, you will be worried about how to download the apps now. This article will help you to restore accidentally deleted Google Play Store. There are various ways to restore the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

Buyers of current Huawei phone models that do not have Facebook pre-installed would still be able to download it from the Google Playstore. Future versions of Huawei phones, however, will not have access to the Google Playstore and its apps unless the U.S. government changes course.

The Huawei App Gallery now includes Gbox and Gplay, apps which allow one to download Google apps as if they are coming from the Google Play Store. The install process requires a couple of extra permissions but, once activated, the apps feel as if they are native to the device. In particular, Google Maps functioned as seamlessly as it does on an Android device.

Note: The Reporting dashboard contains estimated data; you can get exact numbers directly from the stores. The data shown is in UTC time and is until the previous day to display the most accurate, complete data.

The easiest way to find out whether your device works with the LEGO Life AR Photo Shoot experience is to find and download the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. Devices that can download and install the app from official app stores will likely work with our products.

Because of the significant number of different models, variants, and manufacturing standards of available devices, we can only assure the compatibility of devices that are actively tested internally. If your device cannot find and download a particular LEGO app from an official app store, this means that your device does not support that product.


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