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I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years and it all started because

I realized I knew nothing and I was helping no one.  


After graduating from college with a Recreation and Leisure diploma I

decided I would be a personal trainer part time and got a weekend

certification.  I was ready to train people … or so I thought. 

Everyone that came into the gym was so unique and often injured or

managing various physical ailments as well as trying to manage stress

and emotions! 


I was not prepared or knowledgeable enough to help anyone. I was ready to leave the industry. It seemed like it was too much. Instead, I chose to find a way to learn how to actually safely work with people and their unique physiology.


I began to explore stress management with clients, leading me to discover yoga, meditation and finally after 10 years in the downtown core of Toronto I moved to a farm. 

I have re connected with a love of horses and want to share that with you all. I am a certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher (200hr) Mindfulness Coach and Equine Yoga Instructor. 


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