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Equine Assisted Learning 

Experiential learning with horses. Through interaction with horses improve life skills such as problem solving, self-awareness, self-confidence, non-verbal communication skills, leadership skills, and critical thinking. Open up to deeper self-awareness through the wisdom of horses. Programs and sessions for groups and individuals, youth and adult. Horses are a gift to humans. We can learn so much by tuning in, being present and applying ourselves in a unique way. 


Equine Yoga 

Yoga means to unite or connect. Creating a connection and a true partnership with your horse can improve your relationship with your horse, yourself and those in your life. Using yogic principles and philosophies we explore the parallels between yoga and horse partnership.  Apply yogic foundations to grow the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection with horses. Sessions can be group or individual youth and adult.  Sessions are customized. 



Self worth has been a long exploration for me and requires constant effort. I see clients struggle with this so commonly.  I wanted to find a way to help people with self worth that is within my scope of practice and this led me to creating experiences  that fill your heart and remind you that you are deserving of your own time. My retreats and experiences are an opportunity to create those moments in life that propel us to keep going.  These experiences range from 2 hours to 2 weeks long, from workshops, to movement, to time spent in nature with horses there is sure to be an experience that will connect you to how worthy you are. Register for the next experience or reach out customize your own for you, your family or group. 


Public Speaking

Public speaking, presentations and workshops on physical, mental and emotional health including but not limited to - stress management, body image, holistic health, nutrition, meditation, yoga and movement.


Yoga, Mindful Movement and Meditation

Stress management and parasympathetic nervous system activity is essential to your health. I am a certified meditation and mindfulness facilitator as well as a 200hr Yoga Teacher. Integrating these practices into your life could be the game changer for you. Yoga, mindful movement and meditation can all be customized to fit your body, lifestyle and unique needs.

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