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Pamela Fitzgerald

Connect to your Strength, Freedom, & Self Worth through Horses, Yoga and Nature 

In our busy lives we can loose sight of how important it is to slow down and connect to authenticity. Through equine experiences, yoga and nature you can reclaim your simple natural and wild self.  Join one of our events or programs to ground and clear your mind, body and soul. 


Your body, mind and spirit all depend on one another for strength. Keep your body healthy and it serves the mind and spirit, and so the mind serves the body and spirit and so the spirit serves you and the whole universe. Connect and come home to yourself and your authentic strength. 


  Learn what you truly need and what makes you feel free. Through nature, embodiment practices and the lessons of horses you can come home to yourself. Relax in community and 

allow yourself to be wild and free. You are magic. 

Self Worth

Unique experiences that fill your heart and remind you that you are deserving of your own time. My  experiences are an opportunity to create those moments in life that empower you.  They range from 2 hours to 2 week long adventures.  

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This is your journey. Your life to create.

After 15 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, cadaver anatomy instructor, muscle specialist, group exercise instructor and professional bodybuilder I felt called to return to nature. I left the city and re connected with a childhood love of horses. My mission is to use my knowledge, education and experience to help you enjoy all the amazing experiences and activities your heart desires. 

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