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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been running "Operation In Our Sites" for two years now, obtaining federal seizure orders against US-registered domains believed to be associated with piracy or counterfeiting. Just before Super Bowl Sunday in early 2011, ICE grabbed a new batch of sports-related domains, most of them sites that let people watch live sports on the 'Net. Rojadirecta, one of the big players (no pun intended) in this space, was an obvious target, and ICE acted, replacing the domain names with its own seizure banner. Rojadirecta promptly relocated to and continued operations.


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Despite losing the .org domain, Rojadirecta can still be accessed via,,, The latter two domains are interestingly enough maintained by the same company as the .org domain, but Rojadirecta ensures us that they have many other domains that are not controlled by US authorities or companies.

Rojadirecta confirmed that its site had been seized by the authorities in a tweet posted Tuesday. "ENG: US authorities "steal" our domain! We are now on (and also on .com .es .in .be ...)," the site wrote. It followed up with another alert: "US authorities sizes also our .com ! Retweet:"

Rojadirecta is a website operated by Puerto 80, a Spanish company, whose model involves the provision of hyperlinks leading to free live streaming of sporting events without authorisation from the broadcasters or rights holders. Such hyperlinks are posted by users on the website (or '.es'). Each hyperlink leads to a page, also hosted on the website, which embeds a video player from a third-party website from which the sporting event is currently streaming. 041b061a72


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