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Rest Through It

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to host a night dedicated totally to rest. (I often don't know what to expect when I start promoting for an event. I don't even know if anyone will ever show up!)

I was surprised when Reiki and Rest sold out in 2 days. I don't know why I was surprised. We are over stimulated, overworked, overstressed and I for one am putting way too much pressure on myself. Lying in a field together was exactly what we needed.

Some of the most amazing things in my life are happening right now and I often feel disconnected, exhausted and just spinning into the next thing. This isn't common for me. I usually have an abundance of energy. But I am a believer in the ebbs and flows, and I will acknowledge my feelings and work through it. WAIT! There it is....... "work" through it. No. I'm not working through it this time I'm effin TIRED. This time I am going to rest through it.

I am here to acknowledge your feelings too and if you're feeling like NOT working through it this time or that you just don't have the energy let's just rest! I feel like I barely have the energy to do the things I love these days. Even my joie de vivre is diminished.

We all know the things we need to do to feel energized and healthy but what if I'm so tired (in my mind body and soul) that I can't do them?

So, here's my plan. I am building back the energy. I am taking it slower and prioritizing rest. This includes sleep, conscious rest and true relaxation. Sleep, relaxation and rest are not the same things (google that it's interesting!) I am creating an environment that will help me feel energized and give me back some of the things I feel like I've lost. I haven't had as 'sunny' of a disposition, I haven't been able to accomplish as much as usual and I am not managing emotions well!

All events for October are centered around conscious rest for the mind body and soul. Slow and Still Yoga to balance the CNS, Yoga Nidra to explore deep conscious rest and of course the horses. Those are my offerings to connect everyone who needs to prioritize themselves and commit to feeling really good. Sometimes a spa day or a bath just doesn't cut it. Weaving better rest into the everyday is my mission this month. I am tired of shutting down. I want to set a foundation to cultivate the energy, to thrive and enjoy life.

Slow down my friends. Thank you always for your support.

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