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What are you doing in Costa Rica ?

The whole Costa Rica adventure started on a whim and because of zoom. My business like many, went online in 2020 prompting me to move out of Toronto and step back into a world of horses that I loved and left behind when I 'grew up'.

I didn't really know what I wanted to do with the horses I just wanted them in my life again.

I knew I wanted something a little deeper than riding lessons, but I really didn't know what else there was! That was how I had always connected to horses was through riding lessons or trail rides.

Enter Serenity Rising Farm - most of you know this amazing spot where I landed and began hosting the horse empowerment retreats. My mind was blown .... horses all together in a herd, no bits and no shoes!

Then came Costa Rica and Horse Spirit Healing. After learning about natural horsemanship from the team at Serenity and staring a new business there I was off to Costa Rica for 2 months with a scheduled visit to Horse Spirit Healing. At this magical ranch by the sea, I was swept away by the owner and facilitators Lettita, Rio and the herd of 11 Costa Rican horses

These women are sharing a connection with horses that I have never experienced or even known to be possible. Horses have been used throughout our entire history and have completely assisted our evolution. Wars, transportation, work you name it they were there. Now with an awareness of mental health like never before and a huge trend toward equine therapy, they are here showing up again to help us when and how we need it most. Pretty amazing in my humble opinion.

Horse Spirit Healing offers time with a herd of 11 horses to be experienced as the healers they are with an exploration into the energetic exchange possible between horse and human when we let go of our expectations of them. Yes, that's a mouthful and doesn't even being to scratch the surface but maybe it gives you an idea of why the heck I'm here. I'm finding that connection to horses that I longed for but didn't really understand, I'm doing a lot of the growth stuff (you know the personal awareness and connecting to presence and purpose and all that) and I am learning. Learning about myself and what I want to offer both here in Costa Rica and when I am back in our community. This is a place to collect. Free from stressors that are often times debilitating for me. I'm not here on "vacation". I am here because it is here that I can focus best on what I am bringing to the world. I am creating aligned collaborations and living with a full heart. I encourage you to do the same. Maybe it's not horses for you but that something in your life that calls you or that you want to explore a little more deeply. Be unafraid friends! Thats it for this blog. Thanks for taking your time to read. This was a long one. I will be back on Dec 7 looking forward to connecting with you!

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